Membership Costs

AIM Membership 2017

The subscription rate is set according to the number of visitors;

Small Museum (up to 20,000 visitors’ p.a.) and additional sites of multi-site organisations£49

Medium Museum (20,000 to 50,000 visitors p.a.): £75

Large Museum (50,000 to 100,000 visitors p.a.):    £110

Largest museums (over 100k visitors):   £250

Individual / MDO / freelance / support organisations (1 or no paid staff):  £51

Non-profit Support Organisations / Libraries / Archives (2+ paid staff):   £95  

Suppliers and Company Consultants: £110

Associate Supplier: £260

We have also made it easier for organisations with multiple sites to ensure that staff and volunteers at all sites can benefit from AIM membership. Either the parent organisation should join in the category for the total visitors across all their sites, and subsequently each site can join at the small museum rate regardless of the number of visitors the site receives. Or, if an individual site wishes to join but the parent organisation is not a member, they may join as a single site –in line with that site’s visitor numbers.

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