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Aura is a mobile app that allows museums to publish unlimited stories about their collections. Highlight your most popular objects, cover an entire section or curate themed routes across your galleries. Aura will showcase your content to the right audiences and make it discoverable by people near you. Now open to partnerships with museums across the UK. Follow Aura Tours on Twitter at: @aura_stories

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Jam Creative Studios is an award-winning multimedia creative agency specialising in innovative digital interpretation for the heritage and museums sector. Always at the forefront of the latest developments in digital technology, our expertise lies in creating engaging and immersive visitor experiences across multiple platforms. Specialising in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and gaming, we allow our audiences to interact with the past in new and exciting ways. We create AR animations and virtual treasure-hunts, rebuild ancient ruins on the landscape and bring historical figures back to life!

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The Interpretation Shop. Interpretation made easy. Self-contained, pre-built, simple solutions ideal for small and large museums: available online now! Audio players, video players, interactive kiosks, sound stores, speakers, indoor, outdoor, buttons, specialist screens, tour guides, audio signs, headphones, handsets

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