Museums And Galleries Encouraged To Mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2018

Looking ahead to Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2018 on 27 January, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) has produced free guides and resources to inspire museums and galleries to organise events and activities to mark HMD.

More than 7,700 local activities took place around the UK for HMD 2017. HMDT hopes to build on this by supporting more museums and galleries to get involved and mark HMD 2018.

This year’s theme is The power of words. Spoken and written words from individuals, corporations, community organisations or the state, can have a huge impact, whether good or bad. The theme for HMD 2018 explores how language has been used in the past, and how it is used in the present day.

Museums and galleries are ideally placed to commemorate HMD and, as community-based organisations which regularly communicate powerful messages to the public, they are often able to use collections and expertise in learning and interpretation to engage and inspire local communities.

Here are some ideas on how your museum can get involved:

  • Display posters from the free Activity Pack
  • Order some free ‘About HMD’ Booklets – these handout booklets explain HMD and provide a simple way for your visitors to find out more about the Holocaust, genocide and the importance of HMD
  • Use the Emmanuel Ringelblum and the Oneg Shabbat Archive story. This story can be brought to life by inviting school groups to reflect on the story and to then create their own time capsules or memory box and consider how they would like to be remembered. What objects might it contain?
  • Invite a survivor speaker to share their story or to introduce your exhibition or workshop. There is guidance for you about how to do this here.
  • Link the stories of refugees in your local community and the memories of their arrival in the UK with the stories of those who rebuilt their lives after the Holocaust and subsequent genocides

You can find a dedicated guide for Museums and Galleries with advice on how to mark HMD here.

Free Activity Packs are available to order from the HMDT website here, which include:

  • Further guidance on how to plan an event or activity
  • Posters for a display
  • A guide to the theme for HMD 2018
  • A badge, sticker sheet and a sample About HMD

You can also find other free resources, including arts resources and education materials for different age groups.

Your museum or gallery can get involved at little or no cost. You could share life stories of survivors of the Holocaust or genocide on social media, or use the free posters to create a display. If you have screen or digital displays you could show the HMD 2018 theme presentation, or play one of the films.

For HMD 2017, Down County Museum in Northern Ireland organised a week of activities including a talk from Mindu Hornick, a survivor of Auschwitz, workshops for school pupils and a spoken word event for adult audiences. Read more about Down County Museum’s activities here.

For more information about how your museum or gallery can get involved with Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, please contact:

Phone: 020 7785 7029


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