Last Chance To Apply! Get A Grant Of Up To £90,000 With The AIM Biffa Award History Makers Programme

The National Justice Museum
The National Justice Museum

AIM members in England don’t have long left to submit an expression of interest form to apply for a grant of up to £90,000 via the AIM Biffa Award History Makers Programme. All forms must be submitted by 1 October at close of business with the final deadline for full applications on 31 October.

This is the final round in the AIM Biffa Award History Makers Programme which is supporting AIM member museums in England to establish new exhibitions featuring the lives and achievements of extraordinary, historical figures who have made a significant impact on the industrial, creative industries and arts, scientific, commercial or social history of the UK, helping to shape the world we live in today.

We want the funded exhibitions to be inspiring and exciting – especially for young people – and we are very keen to hear about exhibitions that would feature:

  • female history makers
  • notable people from the 20th century
  • people that have made a positive impact in the different and diverse communities of England

Grants cover both capital and revenue expenditure and you will receive full support from AIM in promoting your project. The bulk of the grant (90%) is for capital (i.e. the exhibition itself and work required to produce it). 10% can be spent on other costs such as education resources and organisational project costs.

A brand-new website that will be promoted to the public, parents, museum educators and schools will launch in summer 2019 and will feature all our History Makers projects from all three rounds.

The first application stage is to submit a brief Expression of Interest form of no more than 200 words after checking your eligibility.

Please visit our AIM Biffa Award History Makers webpage for full information.

AIM Biffa Award History Makers Programme

Need some inspiration before applying? Take a look at the case study and video below from AIM members – The National Justice Museum – who received a grant in Round 1.


The National Justice Museum

AIM Biffa Award funded project: The Father of Modern Forensics: An Exhibition Celebrating the Life and Work of Sir Bernard Spilsbury

Amount of AIM Biffa Award funding received: £72,757.00

What is the project about?

A new exhibition that tells the story of Sir Bernard Spilsbury’s life and lasting contribution to forensic science.  The exhibition features hands-on interactives and audio-visuals which will tell the story of Spilsbury’s life and achievements; enabling children and young people to explore the key developments of forensic science.

How has the AIM Biffa Award funding been used?

The funding has been used to create an interactive exhibition that explores the history of forensics and one of its key protagonists.  The exhibition uses both high tech interactives including touchscreen interactives such as an interactive autopsy table, and low tech interactives such as ‘solve the crime’ room, where visitors are presented with various pieces of evidence that they have to use to decide who committed the murder.  The exhibition also has traditional interpretation graphics that aid to tell the history of forensic science and the life and work of Bernard Spilsbury.  Objects relating to forensics and Bernard Spilsbury will also be on display.

How has the AIM Biffa Award funding positively impacted on the museum and local people?

The funding will enable us to make a close link between the Police Station, the work of Spilsbury and the role of forensic science in crime investigation; and our Crime Gallery that explores what is crime, why do people commit crime, the types of crime people commit and the representation of crime in culture.

It has enabled us to develop links with NTUs forensic science department and education departments in the development and creation of content for the exhibition.

We also hope that the exhibition inspires children and young people with an enthusiasm for STEM subjects, through the various interactives of the exhibition but also through hands on sessions such as fingerprinting workshops.

How has the AIM Biffa Award funding added value to what your museum does?

We recruited two education student placements to develop the ‘solve the crime’ activity.  The students developed an idea which they refined through consultation with a number of school work experience pupils.  The Solve the Crime activity will be installed in one of the police cells and aimed at families.  A finger mark workshop was developed by a forensic science student and has been successfully piloted during October half term with families, and on Take Over Day on 11th November, the activity will form part of a regular programme of activities during the days that the exhibition is open to the general public.

About Biffa Award and the Landfill Communities Fund

Biffa Award

Since 1997, Biffa Award has awarded grants totalling more than £165 million to thousands of worthwhile community and environmental projects across the UK. The programme administers money donated by Biffa Group Ltd through the Landfill Communities Fund.

Landfill Communities Fund

The Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) is an innovative tax credit scheme enabling operators (LOs) to contribute money to organisations enrolled with ENTRUST as Environmental Bodies (EBs).  EBs use this funding for a wide range of community and environmental projects in the vicinity of landfill sites. LOs are able to claim a credit (currently 5.3%) against their landfill tax liability for 90% of the contributions they make.

Since its inception in 1996, over £1.6 billion has been spent on more than 56,000 projects across the UK.  For further information please visit see HMRC’s general guide to landfill tax.

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