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A culture of collaboration is at the heart of organisational resilience.

Museums are raising their sights and looking beyond their own four walls – including both looking around and looking ahead. Sometimes this is something as simple as sending staff on a day trip to a new attraction, to see what they are doing well.

More ambitiously, it can involve seeking funding to attend an international conference, or looking for partners from a different sector who can offer a new perspective. It also includes awareness of trends in technology and society and considering how these can create opportunities and threats.

It is a vital part of fundraising – being aware of the changing priorities of core funders and building networks of supporters that can help museums communicate their purpose and find new donors.

Marilyn Scott, Director of The Lightbox in Woking, has encouraged her staff to make all kinds of links with the local community and describes in the case study below, how it has enabled her museum to stay relevant and strengthen its performance.

Case Studies
Awareness and Networks: Marilyn Scott, Director, The Lightbox
Awareness and Networks: Marilyn Scott, Director, The Lightbox

There can’t be many organisations that actively encourage their employees to pop to the shops during working hours for research purposes, but it’s an important part of The Lightbox approach to staying contemporary and relevant

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Port Sunlight Museum: Awareness and Networks
Port Sunlight Museum: Awareness and Networks

Port Sunlight Museum is building new relationships with neighbouring attractions to boost its offer to groups

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