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Do you wonder what your visitors really think about you? Or maybe you need to gather strong evidence of your work to show to funders and other stakeholders? VisitorVerdict can help you by offering real-time visitor insights on a user friendly online dashboard.

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How can VisitorVerdict help me?

VisitorVerdict provides you with information about who visits your museum, why they are there, what they do on their visit – and crucially – what they think of their experience.

The results you receive are given industry context by providing a benchmark against similar museums and all museums and heritage sites in Wales are now able to benefit from thanks to the launch of a full Welsh-language version.

“VisitorVerdict is a fantastic way of generating quick, comprehensive and robust insight from your visitors at low cost and with minimal burden upon your staff and volunteers. The national benchmarking facility that also comes with it sets participants’ results into the sort of context that can speed up decision making within organisations and help them take more visitor-focussed decisions.” Steve Mills, Director of BDRC Continental.

AIM members can benefit from discounted rates with annual prices starting at just £95 (plus VAT) and the friendly team at BDRC Continental who run the project on behalf of AIM will support you through each step. You find out more and how to join VisitorVerdict on the BDRC website.

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AIM Visitor Verdict can help:

  • To support funding applications:
  • To attract and retain sponsors/investors
  • Improve the visitor experience at your museum or heritage site
  • Inform your marketing messages and media
  • Identify which aspects of your visitor experience are being delivered best
  • Guide staff and volunteer training and briefing of contractors and suppliers
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How has VisitorVerdict helped other museums and heritage sites?

“Visitor Verdict is an invaluable tool to help any institution to better understand their visitors. The information it has provided us on retail use, for example, has directly led to changes in our product mix and shop layout.” Liam Tolhurst, Retail and Visitor Services Manager, ss Great Britain Trust

“Visitor Verdict is a no-brainer. We use it widely to support and endorse changes that improve the running of Didcot Railway Centre, from our seasonal pricing structure through to our retail service”. Ann Middleton, Commercial Manager, Didcot Railway Centre

“Visitor Verdict provides us with solid, timely information about our audience’s responses to all aspects of their visit and that gives us confidence to effect improvements to the visitor experience and provides clear guidance to trustees and staff on the areas on which we must focus.” Diane Clements, Director, The Library & Museum of Freemasonry

“VisitorVerdict has been a bit of an eye opener. We have begun to really appreciate the depth built into the system that allows us to address our visitor challenges and experiences from a range of angles and perspectives,” Lucinda Middleton, Richard and Ann Mayou Fund Curator at MOMA Machynlleth

Need support?

If you would like to know more about VistorVerdict, please contact BDRC Continental using these methods:


Phone: 0207 400 0385

Website: BDRC Website Contact Form

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