Hallmarks at Home – Personal resilience

The COVID19 challenge is unique and has left many of us wondering how to react to a predicament that is complex, ever-changing and can feel relentless at times. 

In this session, Dr Nick Winterbotham will focus on the impact on and range of options for us as individuals. It will be interactive, offering an opportunity to debate and explore issues as they arise. 

The presentation that accompanies it offers a series of strategies and departures that will offer new directions and solutions to this ongoing challenge and planning our embarkation on the ‘new normal’… 

Dr Nick Winterbotham worked for 30 years at CEO/Director level in eight different museums and cultural organisations. He has taught, trained and mentored individuals and museum teams for 40 years.  

11am – 12.30pm Wednesday 31 March.

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With support from Art Fund.