Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page will be reviewed regularly to share UK government and sector advice relating to Coronavirus. It was last reviewed on 21 May

All AIM Coronavirus resources on e.g. Finance, HR and 1-1 advice can be accessed here.

The primary concern is to ensure the well-being of our members, their staff, volunteers and visitors and we are aware that the situation with Coronavirus or COVID-19 is evolving, so for the very latest information, do check the guidance available on Public Health England and NHS websites.

Medical Advice for individuals and workplaces

The NHS Coronavirus pages contain the very latest advice and guidance, including preventative measures and responses to common questions.

Public Health England have produced useful guidance for workplaces looking to advise their staff in relation to coronavirus.

The NCVO has produced a summary page of advice and guidance on its webpages.

AIM Advocacy (updated 21 May)

Our advocacy approach to date has been to work closely and collaboratively with both government and sector partners. We instigated regular calls with these key stakeholders, using those calls to share data and clearly evidence and articulate the challenge and ongoing threat that our members and all independent museums face.

We are grateful to our members for responding to our regular requests for ‘on-the-ground’ information, ensuring that we have the latest and best possible evidence to base our advocacy work on, and bringing the data to life with compelling and urgent examples of the challenges members face.

Where are we now?

We continue to operate in uncertain times, but attention is increasingly turning towards recovery from the crisis. A cross-sectoral working group coordinated by the National Museum Directors Council is currently developing museum reopening guidance. Given the sector’s complexity the guidance will not be ‘one size fits all’ and when ready AIM will work with the Museum Development network to ensure it reaches and works for members.

AIM is also contributing to the DCMS taskforce work, making sure that government is aware of the significant challenges that reopening presents to independent museums and heritage sites, and that the case is made for the support that you will need.

Revising AIM resources

Many organisations are seeking to respond quickly to the changing work and policy environment, resulting in the regular release of complex information for our members to navigate, understand and act upon. Such information – on available funding, tax relief, rates, staffing and more – can be daunting for museums to work through at the best of times, so in this most challenging of times our member services have been remodelled to provide rapid, clear and practical advice and support, and critically, additional access to expertise.

By agreeing a clear new delivery model, supported by a flexible communications plan, AIM has been able to quickly reallocate its resources. AIM members can access:

What next?

AIM is determined to ensure that independent museums are given the best possible opportunities to weather this challenge. As an essential part of the cultural fabric and wellbeing of their communities and the nation as a whole, AIM’s member museums will never have been more valuable than at the point when the UK starts to emerge, recover and look to the future.

Be sure to continue to let us know your concerns and challenges; AIM will be here in support.




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