Case Studies

AIM Hallmarks Case Study – Purpose

A case study on organisational propose by Michael Day, Chief Executive, Historic Royal Palaces and AIM Vice President …

Reimagining the Visitor Experience with Museum Hack

If you keep an eye on what’s happening in the USA Museum sector, you will have noticed Museum Hack. This …

Evaluating the Evidence The Impact of Charging or Not for Admissions on Museums

In September 2016, AIM published new research to help museums understand the impact of charging for admission, or not, on all aspects of operating a successful museum

Governance Profile: Roger Cooke

Good chairmanship and good governance is an on-going process, so AIM sat down with Roger Cooke, chair of the Tullie House Museum board to discover what their governance journey has been like

Get Started With Corporate Partnerships: Tips and Webinar

Face the fear and do it anyway! Get started with Corporate Partnership working

Leadership and Culture: Richard Evans, Director, Beamish Museum

Good leadership has many elements to it but perhaps, above all, the modern leader needs to know how to adapt his or her style to circumstances, says Richard Evans

Innovation: no need for a revolution

Too often, innovation is seen as synonymous with risk and upheaval but it can also be achieved through incremental change and by working within a museum’s existing zone of activity

Awareness and Networks: Marilyn Scott, Director, The Lightbox

There can’t be many organisations that actively encourage their employees to pop to the shops during working hours for research purposes, but it’s an important part of The Lightbox approach to staying contemporary and relevant

Gilbert White’s House and the Oates Collections: Purpose

Gilbert White’s House and the Oates Collections have been supported by the AIM Prospering Boards programme to help them refine the existing vision for the site and devise a more streamlined strategy, based on a clear organisational purpose

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