Building Resilience: Fundraising And Revenue Diversification Programme

Ongoing change in the political and financial landscape requires that arts leaders develop new strategies, and new resources, to build and sustain resilient organisations.

In response to this changing environment, BOP Consulting have announced the launch of the Building Resilience: Fundraising and Revenue Diversification Programme, in partnership with Arts Manager International, Arts Council England, and Cultivate.

This is an 18 month teaching and consultation programme for up to 25 arts and culture organisations throughout England. The primary objective of the programme is increased financial resilience, and is relevant to organisations with nascent, intermediate, and advanced fundraising practices.

The programme is designed to accelerate participating organisations revenue-generating capacity, with an emphasis on fundraising. Technical assistance will be provided in the areas of:

  • long-term programme planning and development
  • programmatic and institutional marketing
  • board development
  • fundraising from individuals, trusts, foundations, and corporations
  • development of alternate earned revenues
  • memberships, fundraising events, and other revenue-generating mechanisms
  • strategic planning

The programme is for organisations with an annual turnover of £100,000 or more; at least one full-time staff member; a board (or advisory body) that meets at least quarterly; and at least three years of consistent programming history.

Full details and conditions can be found here.

Applications are open until Monday, 31 July and are to be submitted here.

For further information please email Marie Gossman at