What Are The Benefits Of Smart Meters (AMR) For Your Museum?

Smart meters, or more precisely, Automatic Meter Readers, are rising in popularity and many museums are coming to understand what they can gain from installing an AMR meter. If you’re still unsure however, here are three key reasons why you should consider a smart meter today.

Ease of installation

AMR smart meters are easy to install. Forget a mess of complicated wiring or an antiquated display. The AIM Energy Action Group and our partners, Touchstone, can help install a smart meter for you in very little time, with minimal disruption to your daily business operation. A smart meter is useful for museums of all sizes who want an accurate and reliable way of monitoring and measuring their power usage.

Intuitive and accurate displays

With smart meters, it’s easier than ever for you to track your energy usage. Accurate information is a real benefit to your museum because it allows for a more efficient service. Your daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage is tracked, and easily visible via a comprehensive reporting platform.

This means that you can forget about the dreaded estimated bill. There’s no more guessing what your energy usage might be because it’s clearly visible to you. This means that you’ll get much more accurate bills for the energy you’ve used. You also don’t need anyone to come in and read the meter.

Save money and energy

The analytics that your AMR meter provides allow you to make informed decisions about how best to save money by using less energy. The more accurate the information you have to work with, the larger the savings you’ll be able to make.

With an AMR metering, you can identify patterns in your energy usage and target wastage. Knowing when you’re using the most energy on a daily basis will allow you and your staff to better implement energy saving methods that you decide to employ. The results are tangible.

The UK Government Smart Meter rollout.

* A quick word of warning, before allowing your energy supplier to install a smart meter please contact the AIM Energy Action Group and Touchstone first. The government initiative is mainly directed at domestic premises and there are better solutions for organisations such as museums.

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