ALVA Attractions Recovery Tracker

The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) has published the results of Wave 1 and Wave 2 of its Attractions Recovery Tracker offering key insights into how people are feeling about returning to attractions.

The key findings to date are:

Since the recent government announcement around easing the lockdown the market has become even more cautious about visits than before, especially to indoor attractions. Perhaps concern over lockdown easing and/or naming aspirational reopening dates is bringing home the visit realities?

General concern over crowds and distancing is still the major visit barrier, but people are becoming more focussed on the safety measures they expect from attractions when they reopen. The impact of a ‘charter mark’ is therefore likely to be high, over half the market feel this would give them the extra confidence they needed to visit. According to the research to date, in the eyes of the public, top safety priorities are

  • Limiting visitor numbers on site, primarily at indoor attractions
  • Be seen to be implementing and monitoring / policing distancing measures on site
  • Toilets and indoor cafés
  • Interactive exhibits or anything that visitors touch
  • Hand sanitiser around the site and staff visibly cleaning

Read the full reports below. AIM extends its thanks to ALVA for sharing this work.