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Could your board benefit from expert support? AIM Prospering Boards works with boards to help them strengthen their leadership, work more strategically or deal more effectively with emerging challenges.

It offers one-to-one consultancy advice to boards and trustees from a group of highly skilled specialists. Boards can access up to 8 days support from a specialist governance consultant, to work on the aspects of board development that matter most to them.

Each package of support is designed around the needs of an individual museum, so Prospering Boards can help the most experienced boards, as well as those at a more challenging stage of development.

How can AIM Prospering Boards support your museum?

How can AIM Prospering Boards support your museum?

Prospering Boards can help museums:

  • Change the way the Board works together
  • Plan to recruit new trustees
  • Support a Chair of Trustees with their own individual development as a leader
  • Address new areas of work and new challenges for the board

Prospering Boards also offers a short ‘microconsultancy’ option of 1 – 2 days which can be used for a simpler project, where a board already knows what it needs – perhaps for an Away Day.

Previous projects have included:

  • Supporting strategic planning
  • Helping improve board relationships and communication
  • Looking at how boards can define trustees’ roles and recruit new trustees.

“We wouldn’t have got to where we are without AIM Prospering Boards” Chair of a previous participant museum.

“We’ve seen Prospering Boards support making real difference to boards of all shapes and sizes. Boards across England have gained new insight, new energy, new ways of working, and new trustees.” Helen Wilkinson, AIM Assistant Director.

How to apply to AIM Prospering Boards

How to apply to AIM Prospering Boards

Museums can apply whenever they need to – there is no fixed deadline.

Prospering Boards is supported by Arts Council England through AIM’s NPO funding and is open to museums in England.

Please download all forms for AIM Prospering Boards from the bottom of this page.

For more details please email:

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