AIM Preparing To Prosper Sponsor Spotlight: Perrett Laver

At seminars this winter in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh, AIM is launching ‘Preparing to Prosper’ a new publication that shows how to use the AIM Hallmarks to benefit your museum.

Distilling the very best ideas from museums that have used the AIM Hallmarks, the new publication can be used by museums immediately to see fast and positive results and there will also be an opportunity to take part in informal and friendly discussions with other AIM members to help museums share ideas and experiences.

With tickets booking fast and only a few weeks left before the first exciting event takes place in London, we talked to Jill Cloke, a Partner (EMEA) at our event sponsors – Perrett Laver – an international executive search firm advising on leadership for educational, research, healthcare, non-profit and cultural organisations in over 50 countries worldwide about why they chose to support these special AIM seminars and why Perrett Laver is committed to supporting organisations across the arts, cultural and heritage sector.

AIM: Hi Jill, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. To start, could you please explain to AIM members about Perrett Laver – and what you do?

JC: Perrett Laver is an international executive search firm advising on leadership across the cultural, educational, non-profit, research and healthcare sectors in over 50 countries worldwide. We identify outstanding leaders for organisations that collectively are solving the world’s biggest challenges and are having extraordinary impact in society as a whole.

We support recruitment to Chief Executive, executive, and Chair and trustee-level posts across wide variety of national and regional museums, galleries and performing arts companies, alongside educational and charitable organisations and foundations that support the development and promotion of the arts, cultural and heritage sector.

We are personally passionate about, and deeply committed to, supporting the arts and cultural sector at a time of uncertainty and rapid change, as organisations face issues of funding, engagement, diversity, governance and the appropriate use of digital technologies.  Alongside specialist and curatorial searches, we have a strong track record of utilising our extensive networks across the wider private and non-profit arenas to support successful cross-sectoral appointments to professional service leadership posts.  Our commitment to diversity is market-leading, and we bring our deep knowledge of this sector, and more widely, to help identify and secure the most exciting leaders for our clients, wherever they might be located.

AIM: Perrett Laver represents some diverse industries – what do you most enjoy about working with cultural and heritage organisations?

JC: Perrett Laver is deeply committed to supporting organisations across the arts, cultural and heritage sector. Our team is genuinely passionate about the sector – we spend a lot of our spare time in museums, galleries, at performing arts organisations, and in heritage properties!  It is therefore a real privilege to work for these organisations as clients, to hear about their opportunities and challenges and then support them in finding great leaders who can help them positively address these.

AIM: You are kindly sponsoring the AIM Hallmarks ‘Preparing to Prosper’ seminars this winter. Why did you decide to support AIM and its members in this way?

JC: Perrett Laver is extremely proud to be sponsoring the AIM Hallmark Events, which will see senior leaders from across the independent museum sector come together to discuss contemporary issues of leadership and organisational resilience at a time of increasing pressures, but also exciting opportunities.

The Hallmarks events clearly align strongly with our business and what we care about, and we are very much looking forward to hearing the wider discussions about the current issues and challenges in the sector, and contributing to these conversations where we might be able to share our experiences and knowledge.

Obviously, we also hope to use the events to build our networks and contacts across the AIM membership for the future, and our ongoing understanding of the leadership needs of this part of the sector.

AIM: The seminars will be taking place in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Will attendees be able to meet the Perrett Laver team at these to find out more about you?

JC: Absolutely. Members of our Arts and Culture team will be attending each of these events and we would be delighted to meet AIM members and get to know you.

AIM: What are you most looking forward to about working with us at AIM?

JC: We work with a wide range of organisations, of different scale, in different geographies and with different support, and we recognise that the challenges facing the independent museums in the sector are not necessarily similar to those facing national museums and institutions.  We have therefore recently become an Associate Supplier to AIM because we wish to be able to support its members, where we can, to tackle some of these through their leadership selection and recruitment.

We also just want to get to know the Association better, and participate in what look to be some extremely dynamic and stimulating discussions and events.

AIM: The AIM Hallmarks emphasise the importance of leaders creating a positive organisational culture. What do you think are some of the most important things leaders can do to support this?

JC: From our experience working with museums and heritage organisations and advising cultural sector candidates through a search, we have gathered that one of the most important things a leader can do to create a positive organisational culture is to rally his or her team around a sense of organisational purpose and mission. This can lead to creating a ‘one team’ culture where staff is motivated to give their best to an organisation they truly believe in.

AIM: Jill, how do you think the AIM Hallmarks can support heritage organisations?

JC: Following from the question above, the AIM Hallmarks can support heritage organisations to understand their sense of purpose and identify ways to create a positive organisational culture.

AIM: Thanks so much for your time Jill – is there anything else you would like to add?

JC: We look forward to seeing you at the Hallmark Events!

Find out more about Perrett Laver:

Perrett Laver

About Jill Cloke

Jill is a Partner and leads Perrett Laver’s office in Glasgow.

Her experience of senior level executive search includes advising on Chair, Trustee, Chief Executive and executive team searches across the Non Profit and Social sector and Senior Academic and Administrative appointments in the Higher Education and Research and Global Non-Profit Practices.

Jill holds an MA in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. She has lived and worked in Japan and spent her early career in the UK charity sector. She is a trustee of Business Launchpad.




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