AIM Conservation Grants: Next Round Closes 31 September

Llandudno Museum
Llandudno Museum

Does your museum need financial or practical support for a conservation project? AIM members can now apply for the next round of our conservation grants which closes on the 31 September.

We can fund the following:

Remedial Conservation Scheme: is funded by The Pilgrim Trust and can help small museums with the conservation of objects in their collections. Accessioned objects in any media are eligible.

Find out more information, eligibility and how to apply here:


Collections Care Scheme: This programme, funded by The Pilgrim Trust, has been set up to help small museums develop a more sustainable approach to the conservation and management of collections through improvements to collections care within their museum.

Find out more information, eligibility and how to apply here:


Collections Care Audits: This scheme in partnership with Icon, enables small AIM museums to undertake a basic, professional collections care audit. The audits will be carried out by an accredited conservator to help smaller AIM members identify key issues and priorities for their museum.

Find out more information, eligibility and how to apply here:


Not sure how the grants could help your museum? Take a look at the case study below from AIM members, Llandudno Museum, to see how an AIM conservation Grant supported them.

Chardon Portrait Conservation Project
Chardon Portrait Conservation Project

AIM member: Llandudno Museum

Conservation project: Chardon Portrait Conservation Project

AIM Grant: £696

Llandudno Museum & Gallery in North Wales has been established for ninety-one years. It came into being from a bequest by Francis Chardon a wealthy gentleman with business interests in India. Due to his privileged and wealthy lifestyle Francis Chardon was able to travel and pursue his interests in art and painting. Consequently, the bequest contained an eclectic mix of objects and art from his tours of the Far East and particularly Italy.

The portrait of Francis Chardon was not able to take pride of place due to the damage to the frame and the condition of the painting.  Thanks to the AIM Pilgrim Trust Conservation Scheme we were able to engage Diane Britton Conservator to conserve the painting and restore the frame to their former glory. The painting itself required cleaning and some conservation work, and the frame which had damage was very discoloured. Diane of Britton & Storey has done a fabulous job as you can see from the before and after images the painting and frame now look fantastic.

Our Chardon Portrait Project is important to the museum as this portrait depicts Francis Chardon towards the end of his life a few years before he left his collections and house to the people of Llandudno.  The portrait shows Francis in a summer suit and hat which would have been the typical garb he wore when out sketching both here in North Wales and in Italy.

Therefore, it was essential that this more intimate portrait was placed in context in the Chardon Gallery surrounded by his own paintings and collections to reveal Francis Chardon the man. The Chardon story is key to the museum’s own history and it is vital that Francis Chardon’s cultural contribution to Llandudno is recognised and passed on to future generations.

Our volunteers supported the selection of this portrait for conservation as they are able to tell visitors about Francis Chardon more contextually. Also, we have used the occasion of having the portrait restored to celebrate Francis Chardon more widely by having the painting unveiled by the Mayor of Llandudno.   The £696 grant has made this possible and we a truly grateful.

Dawn Lancaster

Project Manager.

Llandudno Museum

The Pilgrim Trust
The Pilgrim Trust
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