AIM Achievements 2019

Image courtesy of the Coffin Works
Image courtesy of the Coffin Works

It has been an incredible year for AIM and its members, here’s just a few highlights and achievements from the last twelve months.

Representation and advocacy
• Coordinated the sector response to the proposed decapitalisation of business rates and promoted take up of Exhibitions Tax Relief (including the launch of a free ETR helpline)
• AIM members continue to sign up for free Charity Finance Group membership (a further 130 museums joined in 2019) and participate in CFG meetings and activities.
• We developed an exciting new partnership offer with the Association of Chairs

Grant distribution
• We have committed £524,487 in 96 grants to member organisations
• Secured a further three years of funding from the Pilgrim Trust and will distribute £125k pa across three conservation grant schemes from 2020-2022
• An extension to the AIM Biffa Award History Makers grant scheme has been secured, distributing £666k over two further grant rounds
• We awarded £55k of AIM Hallmarks Grants to six museums in a highly sought after grant round
• We awarded 32 Training Grants to AIM members across the UK, totalling £7573

• Supported 12 new Prospering Boards consultancies to assist members with governance issues
• Agreed and commenced delivery on a two-year support programme for museums in Wales with the Welsh Government (MALD) to deliver Hallmarks Grants and Prospering Boards consultancies, build a resilience network for museum leaders in Wales and produce further Welsh language support resources.

Sector insights and research
• Published updated research on the Economic Impact of the Independent Museum Sector, alongside an updated toolkit for museums to assess their own impact.

Community Building and networking, sharing best practice
• Held a well received annual conference at the National Civil War Centre, Newark on Trent
• Membership grew by 13% in 2019 to 1233 total members, including 1091 museum members
• Continue to develop an effective, collaborative working relationship with Museum Development providers

Advice and Guidance
• Published new Success Guides on donations boxes and contactless donations

Workforce development
• Active participant in the museum sector workforce development steering group which published an annual delivery plan summary.