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Black Country Living Museum
Black Country Living Museum
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The Tank Museum
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Royal Navy Submarine Museum

What does AIM do?

AIM is a membership organisation, established in 1977 by the Directors of independent museums, who wanted to create a network for mutual help and support which would share good practice and create a voice for the specific needs of the growing independent sector.

We support and champion independent museums, galleries and heritage organisations in the UK – helping them to achieve their purposes and ensuring their needs are recognised and addressed by policy makers, funders and other organisations working in the sector.

AIM helps heritage organisations prosper. We believe that museums must prosper – grow fit and healthy – to fulfil their purposes and demonstrate the relevance and importance of our heritage to everyone, so that it is preserved and inspires all our futures.

Today, AIM is still led by a Council of museum directors, with a staff team of six people, who are based across the UK. AIM is a registered charity and limited company.

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Who can join AIM?

AIM has a diverse mix of members from the smallest to the largest museums in the UK, but linking them all is an independent spirit. AIM membership is open to any museum or heritage site – you don’t have to be independently run to join us!

Please visit our Join AIM page for prices, information and a membership form.

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Black Country Living Museum

Did you know…

  • There are over 1,200 independent museums in the UK
  • They attract 9 million visitors a year
  • They provide nearly 6,000 jobs supported by 100,000 volunteers
  • The sector is worth up to £930 million to the economy


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