Hallmarks Awards

The AIM Hallmarks Awards are supported using public funding by Arts Council England and the Welsh Government. They support museums in England and Wales to develop their work using the AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums.

The AIM Hallmarks Awards fund will invest £175,000 in total in museums in England and £45,000 in museums in Wales.

Grants will be available in sums of between £5,000 and £15,000, and we anticipate that the average award will be £10,000.

Decisions on funding in the first round (England only) were made in March 2016 and on the second round, for England and Wales in November 2016. The final round of funding is now open for applications:

*Round three: £22,500 for museums in Wales, £75,000 for museums in England. Closing date: 15th May 2017

What will we support?

The AIM Hallmarks of Prospering Museums identify what it is about how successful heritage organisations work that enables them to prosper and thrive.

The AIM Hallmarks Awards are intended to help museums begin to use the principles in the Hallmarks to improve the way they work. This can involve either review and planning, or taking forward new ways of working. Some museums might want to use the Hallmarks as a framework to review their organisational health and can apply to this fund for support in planning future development. Other museums, which have already identified development needs reflecting the principles of the Hallmarks, can apply for funding to put their ideas into practice and progress programmes of work which will enable them to become more resilient and to prosper in the future. Projects can be linked to any of the Hallmarks but must seek to support change at a strategic level and/or to have an impact on organisational culture and behaviour.

Work funded by an AIM Hallmarks Award must be demonstrably central to an applicant museumís organisational development, and closely linked to the museumís strategic plan. Museums must be able to show that the work undertaken using the grant could not have taken place without external support.

We are keen to support projects which have the potential to offer helpful lessons to other museums and that are genuinely new for the applicant organisation. This might involve trialling approaches or ways of working which are either wholly new to the museum sector, or new to museums of a particular kind or size.

Which museums are eligible?

The AIM Hallmarks Awards are open to museums which are:

*In England or in Wales

*Members of the Association of Independent Museums (applicants may join at the point of application)

*Either Accredited Museums or formally Working Towards Accreditation.

Full details of the grant criteria are available in the guidance notes and application form document, which can be downloaded below.

Museums considering making an application are strongly advised to contact Helen Wilkinson, AIM Assistant Director, helenw@aim-museums.co.uk to arrange a time to discuss their proposal before completing the form.




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