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What is AIM VisitorVerdict?

AIM VisitorVerdict offers real-time results on a user friendly online dashboard and provides you with information about who visits your museum, why they are there, what they do on their visit and crucially what they think of their experience. The results you receive are given industry context by providing a benchmark against similar museums.

AIM members can benefit from discounted rates with annual prices starting at just 95 (plus VAT) and the friendly team at BDRC Continental who run the project on behalf of AIM will support you through each step. The main VisitorVerdict website can be found here:

AIM VisitorVerdict

AIM VisitorVerdict Annual Pricing

AIM Visitor Verdict can help:

*To support funding applications:

*To attract and retain sponsors/investors

*Improve the visitor experience at your museum or heritage site

*Inform your marketing messages and media

*Identify which aspects of your visitor experience are being delivered best

*Guide staff and volunteer training and briefing of contractors and suppliers


How to get support for AIM VisitorVerdict

Amy Randle (BDRC) at: Tel: 0207 400 0382

Sassy Hicks (AIM) at:









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